About us

FFT is a Swiss, independent, international food and drink consultancy based in Geneva, Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. First launched in 1989 by Alan D. Deane and Michael R. Salmon, it has grown from small beginnings to encompass North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Brazil, China, India, Russia and Turkey today.

FFT’s pioneering International Food & Drink markets database was launched the following year, covering the then 12 European Community members and 70 food & drink product markets. This project met with wide success from its inception. First published in 1990, it has expanded to 30 countries and 114 food & drink product markets and has become Food for Thought’s main activity besides individual consultancy projects. To maintain and update this information base continuously across so many countries, a growing team of independent consultants have become regular FFT contributors, and have come to have in-depth knowledge of the countries they cover.

Individual market studies are FFT’s other major activity. These are usually based on extensive field trips, designed to include numerous top management interviews among FFT’s hundreds of industry contacts. In this way, FFT brings comprehensive privileged strategic insights to a project. Needless to say, FFT’s extensive food & drink database in many cases provide an enviable in-house starting point.


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