Ready Meals market in Czech Republic is driven by new trends that are taking over from the traditional cooking


The consumer are increasingly looking for healthy eating and convenience, with chilled ready meals, the most dynamic segment accounting for just under a third of the market.

Frozen ready meals though continue to remain the largest segment, though chilled ready meals are coming right behind, followed by dehydrated ready meals.

Another noteworthy segment is Frozen Pizza which is developing rapidly though from a very low consumption base.

Canned ready meals retain a steady position in the market supported by the traditional Czech cuisine, which include goulash and specialties based on pulses and meat, which comes as no surprise in Central Europe.

Canned pasta is a minute market, but the market is dynamic and more and more adapted to the traditional cooking habits. For example Hame brand, owned by Nordic Partners, is promoting canned pasta with meat and vegetables; a not so usual combination in other countries but well received locally.

Dehydrated ready meals suppliers are also active with new ranges, for example instant pasta with traditional sauces which is consumed mostly out of home. Pasta with goulash flavor is one such example.


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