Frozen Potato market in Europe is led by French Fries and driven by the introduction of new products and convenience

Frozen Potato market in Europe will continue to grow due to the increased ease of preparation, affordability, the introduction of new products and higher quality. Frozen potato is being used both in side dishes and main course preparation.

The UK is the biggest market even though demand per capita has remained rather subdued compared to the rest of Europe.

The European Market for Frozen Potato will continue to grow through the introduction of new products and strong marketing campaigns from the major players, McCain, Aviko, Findus and Farm Frites. McCain stands out as one of the most active to diversify and improve its offering.

The producers are incentivized by the growing demand and the market is perceived to be relatively dynamic together with the rest of the ready-meals market in general. Some consumers are now using frozen potato in more elaborate and sophisticated dishes. The demand for organic products is also picking up, though from a very low base. Organic frozen potato still represents in the low single-digit percent of the overall demand.

French fries account for over 1/3 of the entire frozen potato demand in Europe by volume. The UK, Germany and France are the most important country markets.

On a per capita basis, the UK, Ireland and France lead. At the other end of the spectrum there are countries such as Poland with demand in the 2Kg/head range, though such markets present substantial opportunities for growth.




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