Ready Meals Market Germany: Chilled segment experiencing fastest growth with Asian recipies increasingly popular

Frozen Ready Meals is the most popular segment within the ready meals sector in Germany but chilled has been growing strongest in the recent years. The German consumer is more focused on convenience and ease of preparation than on diversity and creativity of solutions as its French or British counterpart would be.

Dehydrated segment has had a less favorable development in the recent years, both in Germany and in Europe in general, however, Germany continues to lead in this category on the continent. Notable, in the very important French and British markets dehydrated has a relatively low importance.

Asian recipes are becoming increasingly popular within the frozen segment. Although at less than 5% of this sector, Asian dishes are present in all retailers. One of the most popular frozen dishes seems currently those ready to eat within minutes in the frying pan. For further bespoke research of the ready meals segment in Germany please enquire about our Consultancy services.

Within the Chilled ready meals segment, prepared salads are increasingly popular and they are consumed both during the day and at dinner time.

Canned is a stable segment, with increasingly elaborate dishes available in this format. These can be consumed right after opening and require just heating in the microwave. Canned ready meals seem to compete with chilled though the later seems to gain market share due to the trend towards healthy eating and diet control. The demand for chilled products is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.


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