Overview of the Processed Meat Market in Europe

Overview of the Processed Meat Market in Europe

Food for Thought, September 2009


The “Processed Meat Market in Western Europe” covering 16 countries, puts direct human consumption at Euros 117.3 billion in 2008, or 10.6% of the all food and drink market of Euros 1111 billion. This total Processed Meat market is forecast to grow at an average annual real 0.90% during the 2008 – 2011 period, compared to only 0.51% for the total food and drink market.

More than 800 companies are involved in this market across Europe, with the Top-10 companies supplying 29.4% of the market. Current major players are Campofrío Foods with a market share of 5.0%, followed by Nestlé (4.2%) and Danish Crown (4.1%). FFT’s online database tracks and incorporates M&A activity on a continuous basis.

Five product markets are covered – canned, frozen convenience, cured, bacon & ham and delicatessen products – in the 16 countries covered by the survey. Thus the report covers 80 country and product markets, with Nestlé have a leading presence, being present in 41 markets.

Country Markets

The largest country market is Germany, with a 33% share of the total 2008 West European processed meat market, worth Euros 117.3 billion (for 20% of the total population), the 3 largest country markets, including France and Italy, make up 61% of the total processed meat market (for 51% of the total population) and the 5 largest country markets, including the U.K. and Spain, make up 80% of the West European market (for 77% of the total population).

The best 3 countries market performances based on annual real % growth (2003-2008) are France (+2.5%), Sweden (+1.7%) and Portugal (+1.6%).

Product Markets

The largest product market is Cured Meat with a 36% share of the total 2008 processed meat market, or Euros 42.7 billion.

The next largest product market, Bacon & Ham, makes up 30% of the total market, or Euros 35.1 billion.

The three largest product markets, adding in Delicatessen Products, make up 87% of the total market, or Euros 102.6 billion.

The best 3 product market performances based on annual real % growth (2003-2008) are Delicatessen products (+1.1%), Cured meat (+1.1%) and Frozen convenience meat (+0.8%).


The total foodservice market is worth 19.3% or Euros 22.6 billion, and the retail market worth 80.7% with a Euros 94.7 billion.

Own Label

In the total market by value, distributors’ own label products now make up 20.7%, with manufacturers’ branded products making up 60.6% of the total market, the difference being made up by unbranded products and artisanal products (own made for own sale, e.g. by butchers ).

Retail distributors’ own label products continue to make inroads into manufacturers’ branded products in many food and drink markets. Artisanal” products (own-produced for own sale) and unbranded products (important in say fresh fruit and vegetable markets) make up the rest of distribution.

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